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This area is constantly under construction, being updated (ir)regularly. Last update: March '13.
If you have a range that you would like to add (or add to/update existing info) to this site or would like more info about attending one of these ranges at an open day, then e-mail me at rangeinformation@ar15.co.uk

These ranges are all situated in the UK, if you have been to any of the foreign ranges, especially those in north France and shot pistol/slr's (sob!), then let me know what they are like and I'll add them and see if we can't get more people travelling to shoot and furthering the sport. Latitude and Longitude information is only approximate, but can be used with Google Earth or GPS to get a rough fix on the location.
Ash Complex
Bangor Tunnels
Barton Road
Bisley (Selected Ranges)
East Holme
Moodys Down
Rogiet Moor/
Henley Park
Millpool, Bodmin
Minsterley (The Bog)
Stoney Castle
Tyddesley Wood
Bulford Complex
The Tunnel
Worcester Norton Shooting Club

These ranges are those overseas ranges that I've either used, visited or had a report sent to me about.
I'll update with further details as soon as I can.

Rio Salado
Arizona, USA
Sennelager, Ger.
Ben Avery
Arizona, USA
Andrewsfield - N51°53.88'E0°26.89'
Nigel - only 5 ex 100?The range at Andrewsfield utilizes part of the old W.W.II air base in north west Essex. Small bore, pistol calibre and black powder weapons can all be shot at any range up to 50m. Depending on the type of shooting taking place 8 to 10 shooting positions are available. The facilities are minimal but a large covered area is available for protection from the elements.
Ash Complex (near Aldershot) - N51°15.85'W0°42.85'
This is an ETR range with targets at various ranges from 100m to 300m from the nearest firing point. With the many lanes identical a nice 'ripple' affect of advancing/retreating or random target exposures is possible.
Ash No 4
A standard gallery range out to 600m. As one advances down the range the lanes dog-leg to the left so that lane 1 is in the middle of the range at 600m and 12 on the right hand side, and by 300m lane 1 is on the left and 12 is in the middle. This can cause confusion as to which target is yours as the number boards (which are very high up the bank) appear between two targets at some of the ranges. At 100m the use of any 'scope of moderate power means that the numbers are not visible in that 'scope at the same time as the target. Finally, if you are doing any run-downs, as in the Practical Rifle Nationals, the undulating terrain between all the range points makes the uphill run doubly tiring.

A nice 100 yard range with pneumatic turning targets and marked firing points at every 25 yards. Ideal for the gallery rifle and rimfire competitions.
Henley Park - N51°16.53'W0°39.88'
A clean gallery range with a mantlet ETR set-up. This is another of those ranges altered to metric with firing points from 100m to 500m.
Bangor Tunnel Range - N53°11.96'W4°10.83'
Situated near Bangor, North Wales, and home of the North Wales Practical Rifle Championships. There are two old railway tunnels, one blocked at 100yds and the other 400yds+, and shooting in them is a completely different experience, a definite must try. When the lights are out there is no ambient light and target exposures are controlled by selectively switching on the lights. You should be able to get a perfect nil-wind zero in the tunnels, so no more excuses for me, damn.
Llansilin - N52°51.45'W3°09.03'
Llansilin is situated in a valley on the Welsh border. Popular rumour has it that the river between the 100 and 200 yd firing points is the actual border. It is the only place I know where you can ligitimately shoot from one country to another. The only problem with the range is the that some of the danger flags are half way up the side of the valley - a long walk for the short straw.
Barton Road - N52°11.18'E0°04.04'

Barton Road is a MOD gallery range near Cambridge. It has 12 target lanes and shooting positions at every 100yds up to 1200yds. This range will be familiar as the one used in the film 'Full Metal Jacket' for the initial rifle training. There is also a mantlet ETR/AMS facility. A nice north facing range that has one problem - a bridal path crossing the range at about 50yds in front of the targets necessitating sentries posted at either end. This, coupled with sentries needed at the edge of the danger area, make the range rather labour intensive (and not much fun for sentries on cold days!).
Bassingbourn - N52°06.18'W0°02.95'Bassingbourn, 100yd Range targets and baffles
Bassingbourn Barracks (as above, should be familiar as the barracks used in the initial training part of 'Full Metal Jacket') is an MoD base on an ex-USAF airfield. There are four ranges here with good facilities. Firstly, there is a 100yd NDA full bore range (photo) with ETR, and with the baffles set at every 25yds every shot sounds like a burst! Then there is a 50m small bore range with covered firing points and a 'lawn' to bring a tear to any gardener's eye. Also, there is a 30m full bore range that used to be used for pistols but is now for whatever is left. Lastly, there is a sporting shotgun layout that I have yet to use.
Bisley - N51°18.78'W0°39.57'
Home to the NRA, has many ranges including;
The main ranges at Bisley. Here there are 108 firing lanes at ranges of 200 to 600 yards. Standard gallery range.
Short Siberia
This is a small gallery range just off the Bisley Camp. Firing points at 100 and 200yds. The target line is rather high but at 200yds the firing point is raised and so there is not a problem. However, at 100yds the lower firing points and short range give an uphill shooting line which can change the point of aim needed.
What starts with Siberia and continues with Century ends with Stickledown. This is where the long range shooters get their frills. The shortest range here is 800yds and firing points go back beyond 1000yds. A lot of people talk long but here you can find out what 'long' is, just try shooting a .223 at 1000yds in wind to see what I mean!
East Holme
Another MOD range, East Holme, near Poole, is a 400m gallery range with firing points at every 100m. The first 100m is marked at every 25m. The range faces SW and on winter afternoons the sun can shine straight down the 'scope so an anti-glare tube can help. From 400m the range slopes up steadily to the targets and the ground is soft so running in PR stages is more of a struggle, especially the last 20 yards!
Moodys Down
A very clean 600yd gallery range in Wiltshire, Moodys was changed by the MOD from yards to metres. The only problem was that the whole range was only 600yds long and would not accommodate 600m, something about the public road being a necessity. Therefore, the firing points are from 100m to 400m (every 100m) and then 500yds and 600yds.
Rogiet Moor - N51°34' 37.95" W2°46' 20.08"
An MOD range just over the Severn Bridge in South Wales. Re-positioned due to the new bridge wanting some space, this is now a 600 metre gallery range with mantlet ETR to boot, and some nice clean facilities (something lacking in some MOD ranges).

UPDATE: Rogiet Moor is now a private range called Severnside and is limited to a max of 200m. Worcester Norton Club use the range and Herefordshire Breechloading Rifle Association also shoot there regularly.
Update based upon info provided by Ian 21/08/08, also thanks for the co-ordinate correction, no more getting your feet wet in the estuary!

STANford Training Area (STANTA) - N52°29.89'E0°42.05'
A battlefield complex in Norfolk, with many different ranges covering all types of shooting from artillery to attack helicopters, rim-fire to HMG's (for those lucky enough to have a M60 or Apache).
Archers - a 250m advance to contact range, targets are from 25m to 250m (10 targets) and when standing at the 250m mark two more static and a moving target are visible.
Great Carr - up to 400m section support range. Two separate firing points allow the targets to be caught in a crossfire. Generous arcs of fire with many static and a few running targets mean this is an enjoyable range to shoot, and be sure to have plenty of ammunition. About a dozen targets are shown in the pictures below and from these firing points they can all be engaged. Extra targets can be added out to a range of at least 800 yards.
Gt Carr, can you see the targets?
Gt. Carr

RedanRedan - close quarter battle range, two different lanes of fire with targets appearing as you advance down the range. Targets appear at various intervals and ranges, and with several buildings and other obstacles and a moving target mean this is a range that gives as good as it gets. A range best suited for semi-autos, but still fun with the bolt action rifles though a little slower. Another range to take plenty of ammunition to. From the position in the picture you can engage four targets when(if) they appear.


Robin's Lodge - Robin's Lodgemore than 30 ETR targets and many moving ones as well at ranges of about 30 to 300yds make this battlefield range one of my favorites. There is a trench running the whole length of the firing point (about 200yds) with firing pits and dugouts going forward at various intervals. Nearly all targets can be engaged from all the firing points (some of the edge targets can only be taken from the end points) and generous arcs of fire give good team shoot possibilities. Moving back from the trench allows targets to be engaged at ranges of up to 600yds.

Thetford - N52°24.01'E0V42.76'
A 600yd gallery range on theside of the A11, with firing points every 100yds. The range has just been re-opened after some refurbishment and I have not as yet re-visited it. A standard gallery set-up with firing pits and prone positions, and a slight down slope from 300 to 100 with the targets approximately on a level with the 300m firing point. Rumour has it that there is now a new 300yd ETR range next door, and looking at GoogleEarth it certainly looks like it. I understand it is run by the RAF and not Landmarc.

Altcar - N53°31.48'W3°03.45'
Altcar is a TAVRA Range complex on the west coast a few miles north of Bootle. There are many well kept ranges, including falling plate, shotgun, 1000yd, and many others. The target marking details can be changed during firing on the gallery ranges by using the tunnels from the butts to the edge of the range.
Diggle - N53°34.25'W1°58.27'
Not far from Oldham, Diggle range sits in a Pennine Valley close to Saddleworth Moor. Home and birth place of the 'Quigley', there are several ranges here that take you out to 1000yds, McQueens, falling plates, etc. Run by PENNINE SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION.
Fingringhoe - N51°49.65'E0°55.82'
Another MoD complex with mainly ETR targetry and associated zero ranges. Just south of the garrison town of Colchester in Essex, the ranges look out over the estuary to Brightlingsea. B Range has the usual target lanes with pop-ups at 100, 200 and 300 metres, but with the added facility to move back 100, 200 or 300 metres so targets can be engaged at a maximum of 400, 500 and 600 metres. Not easy in the usual windy conditions encountered on the estuary. Home of the rather nice 'soldier' warning signs.
Middlewick - N51°51.90'E0°54.88'
A gallery range complex with three ranges going back to a maximum of 600 yards. Rumour has it that these ranges will soon be closed to make way for more houses so time is running out. C and D ranges are parallel and you can only move back 200 yards behind the shooters on the next-door range. Situated on the outskirts of Colchester the town eventually had to grow.
Beckingham - N53°04.55'W0°41.36'
A popular range for Cadets on Anual Camp, this is a well maintained range complex near Newark. Several gallery, mantlet ETR and shotgun ranges are available. Most distances are in metres, I believe. You know you're near when you see road signs warning you to beware of 'gunfire noise'.
Millpool, Bodmin - N50°29.96'W4°38.02
A 600yd gallery range situated on the top of Bodmin Moor. Range falls down hill to the targets and is covered in sheep shit. The wind can really blow and the weather, well let's say take waterproofs whatever the forcast. But it is a great range to shoot at, and you can really learn about reading the wind.
Minsterley - N52°33.80'W2°57.45'
A private range in Shropshire, close to Shrewsbury and the Welsh border. Covered firing points on the 100 and 50m ranges and several shotgun layouts as well. Great canteen/cafe and a well stocked gun shop on site. Commonly and affectionately called 'The Bog' it is situated in a steep sided valley. The weather can make the roads tothe range and the range drive itself very dicey in winter, but the site tractor/landrover is on hand to pull you along to the range. WEBSITE
Stoney Castle -

Warcop - N54°32.42'W2°22.94'
Located just North of Warcop village on the busy A66 between Penrith and Brough.
The various MOD ranges situated in 24000 acres are accessed from the A66 and are used for small arms, artillery and aircraft training.

B (4 ) Range – Section in Defence, comprises various electronic targetry, both fixed and mobile. Targets are in place for 100 – 450 yards with a “mover” at 250 yards. Fire trenches are extremely well maintained, as is the targetry. Access to this range has proved problematic in the past as only static, none reactive targets have been allowed used.

C Range - Charlie High, faces onto Warcop and Dutton Fell and has Fig 12. pop ups out to 1300 yards. This range is scattered with peppered hulks right out to 2800 yards and is generally used for long-range training. Tight arcs of fire are in place for larger calibre weapons if some other ranges are in use.

part of Charlie High with hard targets in
the distance at about 1000yds
hard target through a spotting scope
hard target through a rifle scope

Hayber Gill – Pairs Range, fire and manoeuvre 300 – 400 yards faces Dutton! Battery targetry, which is becoming more common, is controlled, from the firing point at 0 yards.

CQBR – Targets range from 0 - 300 yards, a river running up the centre of the range is followed and reactive targetry is engaged.

Hazel Rigg – Section Attack range, 0 -700 yards, large impact area, Warrior and Scimitar allowed to facilitate supported attacks. Wider arcs of fire for large calibre weapons.

25m Zeroing Range – Concrete backstop with rubber shaving to fire into.

Firs – Section in Defence – comprises 4 fire trenches, the ground breaks down from the firing point, and can be used for night shoots. The battery-operated targetry can simulate muzzle flash,

Platoon Attack Range – behind Firs Range – used for Platoon attack formation training.

These ranges are extremely expensive to book if the military are not present. A full compliment of range staff has to be in place as well as medics, and lookouts. The best times to book are during one of the 31 weeks of the year when the military are in training already.

range report supplied by BunnyAssassin.

Wedgenock -

Kynoch - N52°20.27'E0°30.30'
This is a small (100m) indoor/underground range and part of the Kynamco building. The range can be hired for testing by the hour and has chrono and chamber pressure measuring equipment (if you have a supported calibre).Kynamco website, with pictures of range and facilities.
SENTA (SENybridge Training Area) -

Kingsbury - N52°33.47'W1°39.65'
In North Warwickshire, 2 miles (3.2km) south of Tamworth, near the villages of Piccadilly, Kingsbury and Wood End.
The landscape of the Rifle Ranges at Kingsbury is gently undulating, with an area of woodland called Kingsbury Wood, which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The area north of the wood falls away slightly to an old tramway, before rising again over reclaimed ground. This area comprises grassed over spoil heaps, a relict of historic coal mining activity.
LINK TO RANGE INFO - currently not working

range report supplied by Steven_UK.

Tyddesley Wood - N52°06'06.00" W2°06'34.64"
Up to 600 yds
Update: Range is currently closed but due to reopen with a max of 100 yds and possible some other restrictions
Based upon info supplied by Ian, 21/08/08
Whittington - N52°39'46.94" W1°45'35.92"
Up to 600 yds
More info to follow
Bulford range complex - N5111.5'W0144.0'
A range, 15 lane gallery. 400yds, No hme
B range, 12 lane etr. 600m, no hme
C range, 12 lane etr. 600m, no hme
D range, 16 lane gallery, 500yds. Just about to undergo works to convert to 'sarts' system and metrification, hme ok.
E range, 15 lane gallery, 400yds, no hme
F range, 7 lane swivel, 9mm only. 100m
G/Z range, 12 lane zeroing range. No hme.
MMTT range, 6 lane moving target. No civilian use.

New standing orders, the only range on Bulford complex that can be used for HME (over 4500joules) is now D range.

range report supplied by Pete C.

The Tunnel - N5045'W0245'
The Tunnel Target Sports Centre (Dorset) is about to open its brand new 100m, 5 lane indoor full bore range.
This is to be a new addition to the existing 10m, 25m & 50m indoor ranges.
Open 6 days a week. www.thetunnel.co.uk.
A visit is welcomed! Info supplied by Team Tunnel.
Worcester Norton Shooting Club - Norton Barracks, WR5 2PP
Worcester Norton SC website
2x 25m full bore
1x 50m full bore
1x 25m air rifle
1 x 40/50m field target air rifle/archery
a practical shotgun pit

WNSC also boasts a Canteen with Toilets a Club armoury/shop (Sundays only and some large competition days) and Secure parking
Also many practical shooting events hosted throughout the year.

range report supplied by Rob C.

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